White Nile-day1 section befallen with the damming

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 18 '07 / 5 Comments

Many of you heard or read about the damming on the White Nile in Uganda. The Dam should be on the day 1 section on the river White Nile. It was one of the most pretties playgrounds on the World. On the web kayakthenile are some news about that Bujagali dam.Many of us are lucky because they saw the beauty. Here you can see some nice pictures from Jano Rusnak Hairy Lemon and Nile Spetial or here from Nairobi Safari park . I know the pictures are not from the place of damming , but still enjoy it.Here…

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Plattling with higher water

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 17 '07 / 5 Comments

I didn't know what to say more. Just we was playing on the wave , than we went for the kannu messe where we was helping little bit to Blue & White and than back home.Enjoy the clip and the pictures . so much water :) now is low again Nina and Maria in the eddy

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a little movie clip from kuchl

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 10 '07 / 5 Comments

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Honza Spindler and his movie

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 4 '07 / 5 Comments

Hi this movie made my friend Honza Spindler from Czech republik , we are kayaking together every year too much as possible. It's made from the europe like Austria- Kuchl , Galicia , Sweden , Czech rep. , Lyon , Slovakia ...Paddlers : Jan Spindler , my self , Nina Halasova , Capko , Jirka Langer ...Camara : Jan Spindler , Zdenek Spindler ...Cut: Jan SpindlerThank you Jan for the movie :)Enjoy>>>

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 2 '07 / 5 Comments

On the way to Thun we choose the option to train on the Kuchl wave witch is for us on the way to Thun. The water levels was optimal for surfing , it was maybe little flashy but for big airs. Nina blunting Vlado Nina learning to clean blunt Then we met with Tyler Curtis and Mariann Saether on the Kuchl wave , train little bit together and then moved to Thun. In Thun was too much water. The training was at Friday with qualifications. For this event the organisers try the new scoring system , you can read more about…

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