Frieira wave movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 26 '08 / 5 Comments

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(Un)Lucky trip to Spain

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 24 '08 / 5 Comments

When I was booking flight tickets to Spain I hoped for good water level. We wanted to train In Ourense for European Championships which will be held there in end of July. We spent there 9 days. Because of cheaper tickets we flew to Portugal to Lisbon, which is 520km from Ourense. In that time were in Lisbon oil strike so our plain needed stop in Barcelona to tank. Because of it we were one hour late and we had to pay 30euro more for rental car. So our trip started quite unlucky. Then when I saw our rented car, I…

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Freestyle kayak Graz competition 2008

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 2 '08 / 5 Comments

Like every year, also this year was held in Graz Austrian championships in last weekend in May. Now it is a tradition for us to go there because this is one of the best competition in year. It is friendly event held just in Saturday. Usually about 50 people is competing, but every year there come more and more people. We came at Friday from Augsburg to train a bit but actually we were there last week when Peter had freestyle clinics there so we know that spot well. Friday we train just a while to improve some details because we…

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Kuchl & Plattling - movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 1 '08 / 5 Comments

Hi, I know it is little late but , we didn't had so much time for playing with movies. But now its ready.Enjoy it>>>Paddlers: Peter Csonka , Nina Halasova , Jan Spindler , Zdenek Spindler , Michi Strommer , ...Location : Plattling , Kuchl

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