Kuchl training pictures from Jano

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 24 '08 / 5 Comments

Check out the pictures on this link picasawebSee you later

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Adidas sickline day 3

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 4 '08 / 5 Comments

Finals!!! At 10:30 started the finals at the Welle brucke course. Top 50 men’s had their chance to be the best extreme kayaker in the world. We had 2 rides, first run was a qualification run and also a knockout for 25 kayakers. The think was that the first and the second run counted together for the top 25 men’s than if you had your second run worst that the first one you still wasn’t the winner. I think it was an interesting rule, because it shows who the best one is and not just who had luck. The race was…

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Adidas sickline day 2

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 3 '08 / 5 Comments

Today at 9-12 was the training for the saturday finals at the Welle Brucke race course. Just top 50 men was able to have a training there. Today the weather wasnt that good , it was about 5-10 deg. and because everyone whanted to have much training runs as possible the line for start was so long. Sometimes we wait 20 min for the start. Staying and waiting the line wasnt comfotable , but when you was at the start on the rock , it was a sick feeling. Unfortunatelly I dont have any pictures because it was raining whole day.…

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Adidas sickline day 1 !!!!!!

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 2 '08 / 5 Comments

And its here , the adidas sickline world championship is here. Today was the first competition day. We had 120 kayakers all over the world. At 9 was the first training race and strait after first 75 paddlers went to the qualifikation race no.1.After That was the second group next... Here are the results from the quali no.1 adidas-sickline. When everyone was done we get a good lunch and had time to recover. At 13:30 was the second quali run but now just 100 best paddlers from the first run. See the results form the race no.2 adidas-sickline. At…

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