Lienz freestyle and cross

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 19 '16 / 5 Comments

Lienz is one of my favorite place in Austria. It is situated in a valley surrounded by glorious mountains. Me and Peter we visited it almost every year since 2005. It is well known amongst paddlers for its whitewater rivers but it hosted some international freestyle events like European Championships as well. The playspot on Drau river was rebuilt this winter because high water moved some stones and destroyed it. Now it is a very strong hole with two shoulders. We did one training on Friday. I was very surprised by its power and it was a big challenge for me.…

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Festival divoka voda

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 18 '16 / 5 Comments

Last week me and Peter, we organized a kayaking event with freestyle, cross and sprint races, which was part of a festival at our slalom course. It was the fourth year in a row that we organized this event and we were able to compete in freestyle as well. It was nice small event where everybody had a chance to paddle and show their best. Me & Peter we took the first positions.  Next day we organized a kayak cross and sprint race. In this events we couldn't take part as we organized it just by ourselves. I can say…

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Wildaplen freestyle

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 3 '16 / 5 Comments

Last week we spent in Wildalpen, Austria. Many kayakers know this place for it's great river Salza. But not many know that it has one of the best hole for freestyle kayaking. Of course the river has to have right level as for everything but when it does than it is just perfect! Every year Helli-Welli host austrian's freestyle kayaking event. This year it was an open Austrian Championships as well. We really like this place so we came a bit in advance so we could enjoy this area. We stayed in camsite right next to the hole so we didnt…

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