Worlds 2013 freestyle kayak TV release

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 22 '14 / 5 Comments

This is the US production movie from the kayak freestyle Worlds 2013. It was relased only in USA and streamed around all the states in satelite TV's.

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 17 '14 / 5 Comments

As every year there was the highlight competition Adidas Sickline taking place in Oetz Austria. This year the most important competition in freestyle form me, finished at end of the august. Since this I doesn't need to train for freestyle anymore and could just switch for the slalom kayak. I tried to get use to the long boats again and was also trying to get better shape for the famous Sickline. A week before the competition starts we went to Oetz to enjoy awesome weather and of course the river itself. There are few great sections to kayak on with nice…

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Slovak championship

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 13 '14 / 5 Comments

These Championships were a bit different as the last ones. The first reason was that the peak of the season was the European Championships here in Slovakia just two weeks before our national champs. And the second reason was that this time it was a part of big festival – Riot river fest. It was a freestyle event where you could find disciplines as the river surfing, BMX, cross fit, freestyle kayak, kayak cross… We were tired from serious training so we wanted to make it more as a fun event. Peter was the main organizer of the kayak part of the event…

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Kompava video z Oetzu

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 7 '14 / 5 Comments

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Oetz training for Adidas Sicklie

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 2 '14 / 5 Comments

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