Polish kayak freestyle championships

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 27 '16 / 5 Comments

 This weekend there was probably one of the last freestyle event for us. Summer just end so the freestyle season. I never was paddling in Cracow so this was a great opportunity for it. We came two days in advance to get use to this specific hole. I can say it is quite difficult and very powerful to paddle. It took me few trainings to find best way how to throw the moves. It wasn't difficult only for women but for mens as well. After four training sessions my body was totally sore.  Our polish friend Bartosz and his family invited…

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Austrian freestyle and cross championship in Graz

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 5 '16 / 5 Comments

One of our favorites play spots and also competitions of the year is in Graz. The local kayakers are so enthusiastic and really loving the sport, so they always made such a nice events where you just feel great. It's not only about competition but also about meeting all the friends and have really good time while kayaking. To get ready we left a bit earlier for some training. To get use to the hole you always need some time so we rather leave sooner and have some easy trainings as to come to late and being in stress if everything…

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