Kuchl session started!

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 17 '10 / 5 Comments

Last week started Kuchl sessions! The water dropped and waves started to run almost the all day long. We came there friday afternoon. Wave was a bit high for surfing with kayak.Read more!

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Kuchl video

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 15 '10 / 5 Comments

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Adidas Sickline world championship

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 12 '10 / 5 Comments

In the beginning of October every thing was prepared in Otzal for the event to start. The the Adidas Sickline extrem World Championships are held in Otztal’s beautiful valley every year. For a weekend became this tourist well know area full of kayak fancy. Some come to take a part and some come with the goal to win and take home gold and of course prize money. But winner can be just one of the 150 paddlers from all around the world.We came to the Oetz Wednesday evening. Like the last years we were acomodate in beautiful Feel free resort…

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ARF cup video

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 3 '10 / 5 Comments

I had some time to edit the movie clip from the last and final cup from Alpin freestyle cup.Thanks again to all participants and also to our sponsors: Adidas, Vajda, Paddler, Red Bull, Divoka voda

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