Freestyle clinics in Graz

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 29 '08 / 5 Comments

Last weekend we spend in Graz. At Friday I had there freestyle clinics with some nice guys from the local kayak club. The level was perfect for the wave and they should stay until this week competition. Because of this we spend lot of time to preparing how to compete. Michi and others was doing really good , it is perfect if you can see after the paddling the rides in television. We spend almost hole day in the water with perfect weather. Next day was a free day because it was a working day and not everyone had time to…

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Teva extreme race

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 22 '08 / 5 Comments

After the Bitches we went for one day to Augsburg to train on the local spot calls ‘’Waschmashine’’. This spot is amazing hard hole to train. From the edge it is looking like a nice hole , but if you are inside it’s a really strong. I think all hole tricks are possible but it is not easy. The worldcup will be here soon , than we was practicing there little bit. After Augsburg we went to Italy for the Teva extreme race. Thursday we had some trainings rides and then at Friday was the competition on Egua river ( team…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / May 19 '08 / 5 Comments

Last 3 weeks we were on the little tour true Europe. We spend the time in Bitches (UK), Piemont (ITA), Augsburg (GER), and Plattling (GER). I would like to start with the Bitches. Deb Piniger and Olaf Obsomer came with an idea to spend a week at the famous wave Bitches in Wales area. They put the trip together and took the players (freestyle kayakers all sponsored from Adidas) with them. We had borrowed 2 RV vehicles , in the first one was Olaf (camera ) , Manuel ( photo ) , Markus ( kayaker ) , Florian ( kayaker )…

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