Snowy winter

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 18 '13 / 5 Comments

This time it's not like our typical updates from some exotic country. Usually we spend our cold European winters in hot sunny Africa but not so this year. Because the World Championship will take place in September we decided to stay home for the winter. We just extended the 2012 season and we did paddle till the end of December. Then we went home for the winter endurance training. However, you probably know that we had serious health problems, but fortunately now we are in a good condition again and maybe in best we have ever been! I think because the…

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Voltaic systems with us in Uganda

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 13 '13 / 5 Comments

This year we spent a bit more as a moth in Uganda. I like that place, its like a paradise. Jungle, wilderness, white water, what more do I need? We went there already several times and every time we had big problems with charging our devices. The only way is the solar solution. This year we went there with our own solar system from Voltaic solar system which we got supported with. I newer tried any portable lightweight systems by myself. We got the "Spark Tablet Case" where we can charge all the tablets phones and other devices which…

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