Czech championship in Pilsen.

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 23 '13 / 5 Comments

This weekend we headed west to Czech industrial city Pilsen. Local kayakers has build a artificial playspot at the old Mill. It is quite unique construction with very specific hole.Pilsen is not that far from German border so few Germans, one Austrian and even one British paddler, took part in this small “local” event. As I have mention Pilsen’s  playspot  is very specific. It is powerful and tricky. You can paddle 30 minutes and you are dead for rest of the day :)It was very good opportunity to train in different hole however it was quite frustrating sometimes.Saturday…

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Eurocup Plattling

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 20 '13 / 5 Comments

The competition season started with Euro Cup in Plattling, it was the German Championship and German team trials for Worlds as well. Paddlers form 11 countries came to fight for medal. Peter still can not paddle so he changed the role for while and took a part as a head judge.The weather in Plattling was crazy! One day it was hot and sun was shining and next day it was raining and mud was every where. You could see many paddlers to come few days in advance to get use this specific Plattling playspot. The water level was still rising…

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