Lienz freestyle kayak competition

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 11 '13 / 5 Comments

This weekend was open Austrian championships in Lienz. Week before a big fload came to Slovakia so we couldnt paddle for few days. I was really looking forward as this event is every time very good. We came to Lienz Thursday night. Friday we woke up to sunny day. It was first sunny day after long time. After first kayak session we went biking a bit and than we had second session. The hole in Lienz has changed a lot. It is completly different hole from the hole what used to be there. It is something like a wave-hole pretty funny…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 5 '13 / 5 Comments

Hi.At the moment we have flood here in Slovakia so the white water course is closed and we don't have any place to paddle. Of course we did paddle the Danube river by flood. Me and Marcel we went to Vienna because there were some rumours about some flood waves over there. Unfortunately only spot we did find by kayaking 20km down the river at 10000 cms river was flooded already, so there left some small waves which were not possible to surf. However we did not find any spot to surf, but we still had lot of adrenalin from…

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