Posted by Peter Csonka / May 30 '12 / 5 Comments

After the competition in Plattling we moved to Kadaň, in Czech republic. They had the first event of their Cnawr rodeo tour. The hole in Kadaň was very powerful. You had enough of training after 30 minutes. Peter and I enjoyed this competition a lot, especially because we met many of our Czech and Slovak friends there. It is very nice to paddle with your friends and spend some time having fun and not just training and focusing on the event. After Saturday's qualification and semifinal Peter and I ended up on first place. Next morning I woke up and felt…

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PETER AND NINA roudtrip #1

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 14 '12 / 5 Comments

In April the opening of our white water course took place in Cunovo. Divoka Voda asked us together with Jana Dukatova (slalom) to make the promo talk about the course because of the relations we have to the media. It was really well organised and we met many people from all kinds of newspapers, TV and radio stations. We also had some nice food and program like jetski, paintball... Here is a short report from the TV. After the opening we spent a few more days at home, because I had to finish my diploma work... by the way…

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