Picture this - part 7-10

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 30 '08 / 5 Comments

The part 7 of the movie is from France – Lyon one of the best waves in Europe. We spend there some weeks before the Worlds 2007. The wave has lot of potential, in different levels different kind of wave. If there is lot of water there is possibility to surf also another channel. OK that’s it ,probably everyone knows this wave , here is the part of the movie >>>Picture this - part 7 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.The part 8 is from Canada , we was there twice , for the World cup 06 and also…

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Picture this the movie - part 5,6

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 24 '08 / 5 Comments

The 5th part of the movie is from Germany , mostly from very well known hole / wave Plattling and Augsburg where we spend lot of time last two years. Plattling a awesome hole for beginners and also for the pro class and when the flows is really high than the right side is changing for a wave. The hole in Augsburg is a bit more difficult , it is a very power full hole not that much for beginners . This year one of the three World cups was situated there. Next year will one of the Euro cups on…

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Picture this - part 4

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 19 '08 / 5 Comments

Part 4 is from Switzerland , there was a competition in creek boating called Nissan outdoor games and between the competition we had nice photo shoot with Adidas at local rivers. Location : Interlaken Picture this the movie - part 4 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo.See you Peter

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Picture this the movie - part 3

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 13 '08 / 5 Comments

This part of the movie is made from Slovakia . I didn’t made so many footage from Slovakia because , its just my home playspot and when you there every day than you just don’t feel that that is something interesting. The playspot which was in the movie is not working anymore , the slalom kayaker destroyed the playspot an we made a new one , not that good as the old one was but you still can make there every move.OK that’s it for this part enjoy it >>>Place SlovakiaPicture this the movie - part 3 from…

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recreating of our playspot ''Cunovo'' part 2

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 9 '08 / 5 Comments

Hi , we had some little changes , me and Tomo we took out some concrete and was waiting for yesterday what happened. At the morning we went look on it and kayak with my friends to know if is it already Ok or if we still need to put something out from there. It was twice better already but , we was thinking that it is still not enough. Today we put almost whole part of the concrete which was broad wise the course. We will see today what happened.From yesterday we made new movie clip with the changes>>>…

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Picture this the movie - part 2

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 8 '08 / 5 Comments

I upload the second part of the movie ‘’Picture This’’.This part is about Uganda , White Nile. We been there twice now and it was really awesome. I would like to go there every year for some months and enjoy the wilderness and beauties of this Land. This winter we would like to hit Uganda again , we will see how it will work for us in school. At the White Nile are 2 sections still run able , but they are building there a new dam and the first section will be gone in the short future. Here are…

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recreating of our playspot ''Cunovo''

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 7 '08 / 5 Comments

We was trying to recreate our playspot whole last week , I think we was now half successful , but we still have lot of work before us to have a world class playspot. We used concrete to build it and I can tell you that it was a hard job. We used more than 10 tons of it. I would like to thanks to our crew for help , it was amazing that we had a opportunity to rebuild the place. See you enjoy the movie >>>recreating the playspot in Cunovo - part 1 from Peter Csonka on Vimeo…

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Picture this the movie - part 1

Posted by Peter Csonka / Nov 5 '08 / 5 Comments

Hi ,This year was a awesome session , we had good skills and luck at the competitions , we trained hard and really good fun. This session is almost behind us , we are looking to have a good winter condition trainings . After that we are looking forward to Uganda to have a good time. Now we didn’t kayak a while because I had a sport accident on my training ( broke my stomach muscle little bit ) and I need to be ready for the next session. Because we didn’t kayak that much we wasn’t able to make…

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