End of the year on the Zambezi river.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 26 '17 / 5 Comments

I can honestly say that this year’s season was one of the longest one. After one and half month in Argentina we repacked our bags at home left our kiddo at grandma and flew to Zambia to kayak the mighty Zambezi river.  Our first time at Zambezi was at 2009. After we heard they are planning to dam it and all the amazing white water will turn into the lake we had to go there again to see it last more time.  I remembered the river and the rapids but still the first day on the river after 8 years was…

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Kayak freestyle Championships 2017.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 11 '17 / 5 Comments

5 weeks in Argentina run so fast and we are already back home. We went there to train and compete at World Championships in freestyle kayaking. The competition hole was situated in San Juan, the city in the middle of desert. Before we got there we didn’t have any special expectations but at the end I can say that this trip was one of the best adventure. It is funny to say as we aren’t happy with our final results at the event. We went there as a complete family - Me (Nina), my husband Peter and our little son Petko…

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Argentina training before the Worlds

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 7 '17 / 5 Comments

This season is longer than others because of the late World Championships, which take a place in Argentina from end of November until the beginning of December. The small city San Juan hosted the World Cup in 2016 and now the World Championships will take place here. We traveled to San Juan four weeks in advance so we had time to train and get used to the water before the event starts. It took 36 hours to get there but we are finally here and enjoy the summer again. The playspot is surrounded by desert and the scenery is so beautiful.…

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