Trnava Xrace 2018

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 7 '18 / 5 Comments

Trnava Xrace 2018 One of our most favorite whitewater course to paddle in is definitely Trnavka in Czech. It situated between Brno and Prague in small village called Zeliv. It’s nice, quite long artificial course with great gradient and big drop at the end. Local paddlers do every year extreme race for kayakers from all around. It’s not just Czech event but you can see there many Polish, Slovaks, Austrians or other nationalities. Water is released from the dam above at certain times. We came on Friday afternoon and did several laps on the course. One of the benefits of it…

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Back injury

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 3 '18 / 5 Comments

Back injury. This year doesn’t start happily for me. After few trainings on the water I had to stop to train because of big pain in my lower back. Lately it turned out to be two ejected and destroyed spine discs. It didn’t look well and doctor even suggested a surgery but it wasn’t an option for me. I couldn’t move much because this pain went through my whole left leg. Painkillers were on my daily diet but they didn’t help much. I was very nervous and angry from constantly pain and because I could do any sport. I have visited…

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