World cup #3 recap

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 20 '12 / 5 Comments

  The last world cup took place at NOC on Nantahala river. It was our fifth week in USA kayaking and competing all around the places. I men its really stressful and also tough to kayak so long compete, sleeping in tent in the forests over the competition. I really missed my van with the comfort it has. Fortunately it seems that it didn't affect us that much in the end because our results were really good. The last of the world cups was actually on the spot where the next world championships will take place. We was training hard over…

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Cunovo- Final event of ARF cups

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 17 '12 / 5 Comments

facebook link for eventARF cup CunovoFreestyle and white water cross competition.TrainingsOfficial trainings are from friday 28.9. In afternoon hours. There is also option to have a training before 7€ / hour.CompetitionSaturday 29Fun slalom 9:30 is the course description Qualification Kayak freestyle 12:00 ( session system ) 10 min/ heatSemifinals kayak freestyle 20:00 party! Sunday 30.Kayak cross 9:30 ( 5 starting 2 best goes for next round )Kayak freestyle finals 11:00Registration and entry fee ( friday evening - saturday morning )Online registration over facebook page Entry fee is15€ for all…

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TA3 Finale Svetoveho pohara

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 15 '12 / 5 Comments

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Another great success for Nina and Peter

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 5 '12 / 5 Comments

After the first successful competition we moved on to Hartford, Pigeon River. We have been here before so we knew what to expect. The playhole is really nice. It is pretty easy, a constant hole where every move is possible. The event started on Tuesday. The water is released by a dam and it is running only in the afternoon. We were lucky that we trained there before because there was no time to practise before the competition started. As I mentioned it is a nice easy hole and everybody was showing their best. You could see it on the mens score. To move to the quarterfinal you had to get at…

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