Happy new year

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 31 '13 / 5 Comments

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Csonka TV series 1-5

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 30 '13 / 5 Comments

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Costa Rica- pura vida

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 21 '13 / 5 Comments

This year is the first time we decided to go somewhere else than Uganda. Why? Just to many times on one place get a bit boring. So this winter we went to Costa Rica. We started to plan the trip this summer during the Worlds. Mario Vargas from Costa Rica was helping us since the beginning to organize everything as cheep as possible. After the Worlds I started to organize evrything and calling people if they like to join us. In the beginning it was only me and Nina so we was thinking that we would just travel and rest on…

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100% GoPro - End of the season in Cunovo

Posted by Peter Csonka / Dec 4 '13 / 5 Comments

Made a short clip from my Gopro from our last kayaking this year in the white water course in Cunovo 

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