Posted by Peter Csonka / May 25 '11 / 5 Comments

Finally I’m back home after more than a week tripping around spots and competitions. My past 3 weeks were a little exhausting because I became pretty sick. My doctor gave me some antibiotics to take for 7 days but I felt like I had to train so I didn't rest at all, which definitely was a mistake because my arm started to hurt as well (infected ligaments).Read more here!

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Preparing for the World Championships

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 22 '11 / 5 Comments

The World Champs are slowly coming! We still have a little bit than one month for our preparations. We are training for this big event the whole season, which we started quite early by training twice a day. It is hard to stay motivated so you need to change places quite often. We spent a few weeks in Plattling, where the World Champs will take part.Now we train at home in our local playspot in Cunovo. The hole here is quite difficult, which means an advantage for us. If you learn how to do moves here it will be easier in…

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Slalom competetion movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 9 '11 / 5 Comments

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