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You probably know that we were preparing a lot (the whole season) for the World Championships which took place last week on the famous Plattling wave.This year I spent almost all the time I could in Plattling. Still, I think there were few people living there for half year, which was, I think, a little tot crazy. Funny is also that for the most time there were very low water levels. Nina and I decided not to be there at too low water levels , not just because the composite boats are suffering then, but also because the hole is…

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Plattling combos

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Last weekend the Austrian Championships in freestyle kayaking were held in Lienz. This is our favourite freestyle event in which we participate every year. Last year they organized the European Championships there as well.We came Wednesday evening. Two days training were enough for us because we know this play spot quite well. It is not that easy and especially beginners face problems. Peter and I were doing well during the competition and ended up on 1st place taking home the prize money. We were also working as judges so it was quite a tough day.I don’t know what is…

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Nina Halasova in Lienz- movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 12 '11 / 5 Comments

Hi I made small movie clip from Lienz before the competition.

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