Wildaplen freestyle- Helliwelli’s pradise

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 25 '14 / 5 Comments

There was only 3 days since I came home after from the World cups and left for another competition in Austria. This time we went together with Peter jr. and Nina. Its funny how long it takes to pack everything you need for the baby :). After longer time spent with preparing and packing we was able to leave. The way there is only 250km and it went OK. Peter was really good and sleeping almost all the way there. We was happy to leave to Wildalpen where the next event took part because in Bratislava was really a tropical summer…

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The final World cup in Sort

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 22 '14 / 5 Comments

The final World cup in freestyle kayaking. After the Salt, the second World cup we moved to Sort where the final competition took place. We had only few days for training and the hole was super difficult and big. Lets say in one edge it was a huge nasty hole where all the were difficult and on the other side was a small hole really shallow and super flashy. Not good for my carbon boat. It means everybody can have a good day or bad day and mess up the rides, or to be a star. I had pretty good training…

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From Payette games to the World cup

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 10 '14 / 5 Comments

The Payette games in Idaho were really great trip. I went there only for short time, but I really enjoyed my staying. The location, wave and town looks so great. The hole over there is incredible, on one side is a big hole and on the other side is a wave so you can pretty much do all the moves on the list, you just have to build your ride properly. The competition didn't went well for me even I felt really good in the training. The first run was all right but I was feeling really slow and tired and…

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