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Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 22 '13 / 5 Comments

Interview with freestyle/wildwater couple Peter and Nina from SlovakiaThis is the first interview in a series of couples interviews where we catch up with famous sports couples in the wonderful world of paddlesports. The first couple we would like you to introduce to is Peter 'Peto' Csonka and Nina Csonkova (formerly known as Nina Halasova before they got married).  Sportscene was curious to learn how Peto & Nina make it work 'on the road' and of course on the water... Read more here.

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100% Gopro from Millau

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 15 '13 / 5 Comments

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Spring training in France

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 7 '13 / 5 Comments

So the winter is over for us. We traveled already for the first training camp to France. The plan was to go even more south but unfortunately its too rainy and the Spain Friera wave is just gone because of high levels. So we decided to stay in Millau and train in the hole. Fortunately its not that cold as the forecast says but except kayaking we have to stay closed in car or we just go shopping because its raining or too windy and cold to stay outside. Anyway the spot is very good for the training for the World…

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