World cup no. 1

We came to Prague where the first world cup was situated about at Monday. The hole in Prague was little hard for muscles than we didn’t spent that much time in the water to stay fit. The competition started at Friday with C1 , junior categories , OC1 and than with K1 man category. There was 77 competitors for man category. I came on the 3th place Nick was 2nd and EJ was 1st. Full results are here

Next day Nina was as a first category on the start , she was training at the morning , but unfortunately she was so stress that she couldn’t do her rides like she was normally doing. She end on the place 20 L.Here are the results from the category

In the same day was also our quarterfinals and semifinals. Results for quarterfinals

Semifinals for k1 woman

Then we had a awesome semis at the night with lights , where I had really good rides and end on the first place EJ on second and Dustin on third place. Results are here

At Sunday was all finals. In C1 category went on the first place Stepan Fidler from CZE with awesome rides. Final results are here

In the man category I had a good first ride where I get the biggest score for all the competition ( 980 points ) second was Nick from Canada and third was Mat Dumoline from FRA.

It was a awesome organized event with lot of music .


Next is the second World cup in Augsburg where today starts the qualifications.

See you