World cup no.2

The second World cup was situated in Augsburg. Me and Nina we know this wave good, we was in Augsburg many times for competitions and training. The hole is big and really powerful; it wasn’t easy to do hard tricks there and even harder to repeat the good rides. The trainings were open until Thursday and we were able to see there some pretty good rides with huge loops, maybe bigger I ever saw. On Thursday we had National trainings. We started our day with Adidas team meeting, with nice breakfast. Me and Nina we get training for 35 min together with Norway, but they didn’t come there and we had it alone in two people. After 10 min we were done and open the training for everyone to not be selfish. At the evening we had a nice Adidas dinner and then we went to sleep to be prepared fir next day. At Friday were all the qualifications except K1 woman which was good because Nina was feeling sick. After the qualification I end on the 2nd place, Steven Wright was 1st and 3rd was EJ. In C1 category: 1st Hummel Markus, 2nd Stepan Fidler , 3rd Hitzigrad Philipp. Next day started with K1 woman. For the woman category the play spot was little bit hard, but they still were doing well and some of them get more points than half of the men. On the 1st place was Ruth Gordon with awesome rides 2nd was Nina Halasova, 3rd was Devillez Marlene. Next up was quarterfinals for man. It was cut to 10 people. I end on the 1st place, second was Dustin Urban and third Krummreich Daniel. In the semifinals also in the same day Nina end on the 5th, but she still made the finals which was awesome. After the semis in men Mathieu Dumoulin was 1st , 2nd EJ , 3rd me with the same score as Simon Strohmeier. On Sunday was just finals, it was really hard competition, everyone was stress and couldn’t do the rides as they wanted. In Woman: 1st Emily Jackson with awesome MC nasty , 2nd Ruth Gordon, 3rd Lindgren Maria with the same score as Nina Halasova , 5th Devillez Marlene. In the C1 the winner was Markus Hummel , 2nd Stepan Fidler (leader of the world cup ), 3rd was Besseau Alexandre. In the man category with awesome ride end up on the first position Dustin Urban , 2nd Peter Csonka , 3rd Eric Jackson .

It was a nice event full of awesome rides.

Now we are in Thun for training ( 3rd and final event of the World cup 2008 ).

See you

Peter and Nina