My awesome g'power paddle.

This winter we decided to spent some time in warm Costa Rica by paddling the rivers, little bit of freestyling and surfing the ocean.

I took my adjustable g'power paddle with Qnect system with me. It was a perfect choice!

I got this paddle just few days before our leave so I didn't paddle it before but I can say after month of paddling I really love it!

It is the same as I use for freestyle - Harpoon but it is two pieces paddle so you can adjust the angle and length and it is easier to travel with.

I paddle with 194 cm and 45 degrees angle for whitewater and 191 cm and 30 degrees angle for freestyle. I could adjust it for both types, it depends on what we did that day. It ir very easy system and hold perfectly.

This paddle is very light and it can seems very fragile but after month of paddling in Costa Rica it is still in perfect shape. And honestly I didn't save it! The rivers were sometimes very rocky and we hit the rocks with paddles and boats many times. 

I felt very comfortable with my paddle and I happy for my choice.

Right now we are at the home but we are already missing paddling. At least we can go for swimming pool for now.