My active pregnancy.

Is it possible to be a professional athlete and mother to be at the same time? 

I think so! If you do not have any health problems and you are feeling all right than why not? 

I am 7 months pregnant now and my daily routine did not change much. I always admired women who stayed active during and after their pregnancy. I heard about many successful sportswomen who could combine their motherhood and their sport carrier together. I always hoped that it will be my case as well. 

During my first trimester I did everything as before. I was kayaking, cycling, did lot of gym and enjoyed warm fall. In November we went to UK to compete at Hurley SAS freestyle event where I got 1st, 2nd and 2nd. I was 2 months pregnant at that time and I wasn't feeling very good. I had problems to eat anything and felt quite tired…except when I was doing sport. It was funny because as soon as I sat to my kayak I felt great. I think it is because of endorphins which my body produces during activity.

In December we went to Kostarika. I started my second trimester and luckily I felt awesome! My stomach problems ends and I had lot of energy. We run many great rivers, surfed the ocean and had amazing times there. Of course I was careful, I knew that now we are two in one kayak. I think if I am feeling great and happy my baby have to feel the same way.

As I started my fifth month my belly started to poop out. I realized that I have to change few things. In gym I modify the exercises to be more isolated and did it with lower intense. I also stopped to exercise my direct abdominal muscles but I was still able to do 5-6 trainings a week. I really enjoyed the flat water freestyle sessions on the pool. I did it twice a week, the only problem was that I had to wear Peter’s gear from now :D

We enjoyed the winter and specially the winter activities as a cross country skiing, skiing and snowboarding. 

The spring comes quite soon this year so we could start our kayaking season in Europe in March. Our white water course is open form April so we did some flat water paddling on the Donau and went to Kuchl to Austria for weekends to train on the wave. 

It is my 7th month already and I start to feel back pain. It is not easy to carry this little guy in my belly all the time specially because he is about 1.5 kg now but it is fun. And do you know what help me most for my back pain? Kayaking! I do not why but when I sit to my kayak everything stops to hurts. I am happy, my baby is happy and everything seems easy. 

Ok ok, to be honest, now I am less active as at the start. I can't do long walks or runs but I still paddle, which I find as an ideal exercise in my pregnancy, I still bike and I still go to gym. 

If there is a day that I do not have time for sport, because I am still studying PhD. at the faculty of sport, I am very nervous and feeling bad. 

I think that sport is not a problem in pregnancy you just have to listen to your body.

I hope that as everything is going well before birth so it will be the same after the birth too. I still have many plans for the season. I know that there gonna be a big change for me and Peter but I think it is going to be even better. Maybe it will be not easy for me from the start but I know that I have perfect husband who help me and we can do it together. 

I am still planning to go for Europeans Championship and others freestyle events. I am really looking forward to go to Adidas Sickline and to Hurley freestlyle event. And what about the winter? Hm I think that New Zealand is nice place to go with the baby and train for next season and Worlds 2015.

I hope there is going to be more kayaking moms who don’t stops paddling and will do it with kids as well. So girls what do you think?

Hope to see everybody on the river!

Cheers Nina.