Millau training

Hi all,

The season started with pretty low levels around here which means not many options to go kayaking except the whitewater course at home where are stabile levels. The problem was that the main hole where we use to train was not working due the constructions there. I decided to train on slalom kayak for morning training and in afternoon training in the hole. The other hole is super difficult and very hard. After every session I felt so broken. On the other hand I follow the proverb hard on the training ground easy in the battle. To change the place for training we decided to leave for Millau in France where the first World cup will be held. I know, its lot of driving for a small hole. But the hole is difficult, fast and flushy. You really have to get used to it and I believe that few days before the World cup when it will be crowded it will be too difficult to get used to the hole. We had there one week with training twice a day full on. We spend almost whole day with training. In the end I felt so tired, sometime I felt even too overstrained. I also have a new boat, which I was able to design my self and it feels really great. Gave me much more pop so I hope I might get more areal points. 

Nina is still very active too. She is on every training with me coaching me and if she is able, also doing some workouts, like flat water paddling, little bit of gym and other easy stuff. During every training she is also standing there and trying the moves on ground focusing how to use the muscles imagining she is in the hole. I believe this kind of work out might help a lot. I was doing the same during my injures and it seems that it works.

Now we are back home from France and the course is fully opened so I can use the hole there. It’s an awesome place. It’s my own play spot next to my home, where also the next European championships will be organized in August.

So see you and stay tuned for next updates.


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