We already started our season few months ago. It was cold and chilly but we were happy to paddle. Finally the weather is nice. It seems like there is no spring but suddenly the summer is coming.

Our whitewater course is running pretty well so we spend lot of time training there, beside this we travel a lot and paddle in Europe.

In my last month of my pregnancy I am only couching Peter from the river side because I cannot paddle anymore. I am little bit sad because specially in this warm weather it is pleasure to be on the water. But I am enjoying to be outside and watching friends to paddle.

Last week was very interesting for us. We were invited to one congress as special guests — an extreme kayakers, to promote ourselves and our sport. It was pretty fun for us. We were accommodated in very expensive hotel in High Tatras. You know, we do not use to stay in hotels, specially not like this one. It felt weird to us and honestly we rather would like to sleep in our RV. But anyway it was nice experience. After this we traveled to Graz (Austria) where were high water. Peter wanted to paddle wave and try his new boat. The boat worked great and Peter enjoyed to paddle wave after the long time. At the evening the water in Graz started to drop so we moved to Plattling (Germany). This year it was our first Plattling session. Due to low water it wasn't very good to paddle which happened very rare but finally we got great water level. We spent here few days. Peter enjoyed his new boat because he finally had deep playspot for looping. And he was jumping really high! I newer saw him to jump so hug he clean loops.

Right now we are at home and Peter trains in Cunovo. There should be a freestyle event in Graz this week but it depend of the water. It have to drop so the hole is good to paddle but right now it is still high. It would be pity if they have to cancel it but in case we have a plan B and it is an extreme race in Czech.

So enjoy the nice weather, warm water and see you on the kayaks.