PRG 2014 #1

The last few weeks have been awesome. There are lots of new things and challenges in my life. Paddling every day, getting ready for the season, and meeting all our friends while paddling. We went to Plattling for a nice change to our home spot and to take the part in the Plattling festival. It wasn't a competition, rather something like a kayaking party. Everybody was paddling, playing games in the water and surfing. What a nice weekend!
Than I had one more week to organize all the things before our little baby arrived to join our lives. It was a bit of a stressful week, but everything worked out fine and Nina gave birth to our little son Peter on Monday. Since then I went to hospital twice a day and kayaked in-between. On Friday, I went to the USA for the famous Payette River Games in Idaho at Kelly's white water park. It was a super long trip and they even managed to lose all my gear for a few days. When I arrived at the park I could not wait and Eric 'EJ' Jackson borrowed me his gear, which was awesome, so I didn't have to stand there and only watch. Now I have my own gear back and I am focusing on my practice rides here. It's a big hole with a shoulder where you can make wave moves. It's really awesome, but also very strong and quite exhausting. I definitely have to be careful not to get extremely tired. Check out this footage of my training ride. It's doesn't work like this every time, but I do hope that I will be able to pull it off at the right moment.
See you