Wildaplen freestyle- Helliwelli’s pradise

There was only 3 days since I came home after from the World cups and left for another competition in Austria. This time we went together with Peter jr. and Nina. Its funny how long it takes to pack everything you need for the baby :). After longer time spent with preparing and packing we was able to leave. The way there is only 250km and it went OK. Peter was really good and sleeping almost all the way there. We was happy to leave to Wildalpen where the next event took part because in Bratislava was really a tropical summer more than 35 degree in the shadow and at Salza is every time more chill. Next day we spent only by training in the hole. Nina still didn't paddle the freestyle kayak but I took her the slalom boat. There is a nice slalom course build straight in the camp. With the baby its basically for the whole day, I went first, than it was Ninas turn, lunch and my turn again. The days are so short like this. I am loving it! At saturday the competitions started. The water levels were super low so it was really shallow and I didn't want to break my kayak so I was trying everything on a small place in the hole. Anyway I did manage the second place in men category, behind Bratosz with awesome rides. He really pushed all the moves hard but also crashing into the rocks super hard. In third Place was Marcel Bloder from Austria. After the competition as usual was awesome party until the morning. Next day we stayed and was paddling for whole day. Why to come back anyway? Its just too hot in the city. 

This week we started hard training for the European championships here in Cunovo. There are already some kayakers coming to train which makes more fun to paddle. Today we finished Ninas kayak and she was already first time after giving birth in a freestyle kayak. She was awesome she did some nice moves already and just enjoyed the paddling after longer break. So what is the plan for next days? Well just enjoying the playspot , summer , surfing and bathing with my little Peter.

Check out the video we did from my training in the hole. 

See you