Hey, I am back in my kayak!
After short break which was caused by my pregnancy, I started to paddle again. It took my 6 weeks from labour to be able to sit in my kayak. I had a C-section so I had to wait until the wound healed properly, but now I feel pretty good.
My first steps on the water after 3 months were a bit carefull. I lost my belly muscles and it wasn't easy to get back into my freestyle boat. I did a few trainings in a slalom boat for the start. As I got my new kayak just few weeks ago and couldnt try it yet, I was really anxious to try it :-).
I did a one week training on our white water course and the next step was a competition in Austria at Moll with the stop in the Oetz valley. Ok it wasn't really on the way, but we saw nice pictures of a great wave there and as the water was ideal for it, we simply had to go!
The water was really high and the waves were changing with it. I can say all of the waves were awesome and we had really good paddling. It is hard to find good waves in Europe, so we enjoyed it even more.We came to Flattach on Friday and did two training sessions at the playspot. It was a quite hard hole. It was very powerful and fast, but good for all the moves. I was happy, because my paddling got better with every session.
The event was held on Saturday. Peter was paddling really well always :-). I had some very good rides in the prelims and went to the final on first place. I wasn't so satisfied with my final rides, but at the end I took goold which make me really happy! It was my first event as a mommy and it went great. My baby was sleeping all the time and let me compete :-) 
Peter won as well so we could celebrate together. Now there are a few other events in Austria and the Czech Republic and than the big event is coming! The European Championships in Slovakia. And you know what? Being a parents and kayakers at the same time is great! We can do the same as before, we already travel a lot but with one difference - there is one more person who makes us happy!
Enjoy your time with familly on the water, it is just great ;-)