Graz freestyle

 The last weeks are great there is competition every weekend, so its not boring anymore. After the Moll freestyle we decided to go also for Graz freestyle event in Austria. Every year the organizer managed to make an awesome event there for cheap entry fee with so much food, good atmosphere and also with price money. So why not to join? We went there for the friday training to get used to the hole. We have been changing with Nina in the hole so one was with little Peter all the time. After the training there was grilling party as every year. This time we couldn't stay too long of course because we had to drive out from the city center for sleeping. At saturday was the big day. At the morning after the registration we had to plan everything. Its not easy, we had to carry there all the gear for kayaking and also all Peters gear like dippers, push chair and other things because the car was too far away. Nina also has to plan when to feed him so he will be sleeping over her rides :). Its lots of things to think about but its fun and if you an it properly I don't see any difficulties to have him with us. The qualification was in session system style. Nina took third place after quali. In man category  Marcel Bloder took first I was second and Martin Koll from GER was third. Than was the lunch time. As always organizers took really good care about their competitors and we god a big Wiener schnitzel. Just awesome. The finals were in normal ICF format. The top 5 was great to watch. We had 3 rides to show what we wget. Martin had pretty awesome first run and I knew that I have to push stronger to beat him. In my second run I managed pretty solid score and beat him. In our third run we could not push it even higher so the scores stayed. I became first, Martin Koll second and Max Karlson from SWE was third. In woman category Nina end up on first place which is awesome because it looks she is slowly getting her shape back. For full results check out the .

After the flower ceremony we had drive back home. We decided to go straight to Cunovo and sleep there. Anyway Peter jr. is sleeping much better in the car as home in the bed. At sunday I was coaching for almost whole day. When I we t home I was so exhausted. Now I am in Uk taking part at filming a new series for Discovery channel. Its a great opportunity for me and I also needed some rest. 
So see you soon in Prague for the Czech freestyle.