Kayak Freestyle European Championships 2014.

This Europeans was a big challenge for us. It was hold in our "home spot" in Cunovo, Slovakia.

We know this place pretty well and was looking forward to host "the big freestyle event" here.

The white water course in Cunovo is well know between the slalom paddlers but not many freestylers know that we have a solid playspot here as well.

Week before the event it become a very busy. Everybody wanted to paddle and get use to it. It is quite tricky hole, different from other holes, but everything is possible to do there. You could see it as the men’s rides were super highe scored.

The event started on Thursday when all the prelims were on the schedule. All went well for us and me and Peter advanced to the other round. Friday was very busy day. Mens had quarter final and semifinal as well, all the other categories had semifinals. 

The level of kayaking was really high. Mens did a great show and most of them scored more than 1000points in a ride. To have a competition in a home spot can be an advantage but on the other hand it can be a disadvantage because of big pressure. Peter showed that this is only “his hole” and scored 1827 point in his semifinal ride. This is highest ICF scored ride ever!

Saturday evening was a big day. 

I did pretty good in prelims and semifinals and scored second place in both. Marlen Devilez was really hard to beat! Actually I was quite surprised how good I did. I was two and half months after delivery our son Peter Junior. When I pregnant I know that I want to start on the European Championships but I didn't know if I am able to get in shape. I started to paddle 4 weeks before it has started and luckily all went well. I got in shape quite fast and was able to fight in “our hole”.

Finals were very exciting! I was quite nervous and my first ride was bad. Next one was better and my last third ride was pretty good. I got scored all my moves and finally ended up on second place right after Marlene. Third place took Zosia Tula.

Mens rocked! All of them wanted to stand on the podium and fought for medal. Peter went for gold. Nobody could scored more points in the finals and Peter become a European champion for the second time. Quim Fontane got a second after his awesome third ride when he took the silver from James Bebbington who scored third after it. Mathiew Dumolin paddled very good but this time the hole didn't suite him and he ended up on 4th place right before Tomas Czaplicki who took 5th.

I am very happy with the results! Peter deserve his title and after hard and long training he can finally slow down. I am very proud to myself as well. It wasn't easy to paddle and train with our lithe baby but with Peter’s help it went well. 

It was a great event and perfect “end” of the freestyle season. And what our next step? Sickline of course :)

See you there.