Cartwheel and Splitwheel - new tricks

Cartwheel - Cartwheel definition : Two consecutive ends in the same rotational direction, and both ends at a vertical angle between 45° a nd 100°.

Cartwheel is practically the spin executed with more than 45 degrees and less than 100 degrees vertical rotation. There are several ways how to start this move. Ones you get up on the foam pile you have to start with the strong back stoke.  edging the boat and moving the body weight to the front comes together in same time. Kayaker should watch upstream as long as its possible. When the kayaker is vertical on the front bow, the paddle change is coming. The second stroke helps to finalize the second end together with the body movement to the back stern. Cartweel has clean and super clean bonuses for not using the paddle during the movements.

Splitwheel definition: Two consecutive ends, with a change of direction in between each and both ends at a vertical angle between 45° and 100°.