This week we were on the road again, heading to my favorite part of Austria to the Dolomites. The hole in Lienz has changed a bit, so the organizers decided to move the event 40 km away from Lienz to the Flattach on the River Moll. I know this place from the last year and it is as good as Lienz. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and the water is so clean that you can drink it. The Moll River is flowing through a valley that is surrounded by great glaciers and mountains.

The water sports area in Flattach is well known among beginners and advanced paddlers for its nice slalom course where you can paddle as much as you want. The hole is situated at the end of the course. It is a nice powerful hole with a wave shoulder on the right side. The difficulty changes as the levels change. I like this hole, because it is challenging and you have to be focused when you paddle. The competition started on Saturday. This time I was competing for our whole family. Peterhas a serious inflammation in his elbow and couldn't start. The prelims were run by a session system, which is less stressful for me. I did almost all of my planned moves and advanced to the next round in first place. It was a small competition, so we did the final on the same day. I secured my first position with my first final ride. Second place went to my Slovak kayak mate Sasa and third place was taken by Corina from Austria. After the competition was over, we moved to Lienz, where the prize giving ceremony and grill party took part. The local kayak club made a nice party with music and BBQ in their boat house.

We had a very good time in a beautiful area, paddled in perfect water and had fun with good friends. It was such a wonderful weekend, except for Peter's injury and the visit at the hospital in Lienz (but on the other hand the doctors were very kind and helpful). I am already looking forward to the next visit of my favorite part of Austria.