Swisz training

Warming up before the Worlds.
This year Kayak freestyle World Championships are taking place in Otawa on famost Garborator wave.
It is fast wave with shoulders. We have surfed it in 2006 so it´s been 9 years. This wave is awesome to paddle but a bit tricky as well. In Europe we dont have many waves to paddle specialy not the type like this one. As the event is slowly coming up we had to figured out where to train until we leave to Canada. The best option was wave in Bremgarten. It is not that far and the wave is little bit similar to Garb wave. Bremgarten is beautiful small town close to Zurich. The river flowns thru historical down town and you had great view while paddling. We spent a week there. Little Peter enjoyed hot weather and bath every day in river. Me and Peter we trained twice a day, improved some moves and gets better in our routine. Now we are sittin in a plane and flying to Canada. Wish us luck.