Kayak freestyle world championships #1

This time the Worls are moving from USA to Canada. Instead of stabile hole to fast strong wave. Everybody are looking forward to paddle great Garborator wave next to Otawa.
We are coming in 4 weeks advance to prepare us for this event. Many paddlers are already here and training on the wave. The wave is good but difficult. It is a big challenge but every day it is going better and better. Line up is getting busy. It is nice to meet all the friends from over the sea who we didnt see for longer or very long time. Our last visit here was at 2007!
Now a week before the big event a national trainings has started. I start to feel more comfortable in the wave. Peter is doing great but now he had to rest because his older injures are starting to show up. Never mind there are still few days to go and few trainings to do until the show begin.
Keep the fingers crossed for us.