Euro Cup #3 & #4

One day after we got home from Canada we were sitting in our car again and heading to Prague where the third Euro Cup in freestyle took a place. After one month paddling the wave it was nice change to paddle in the hole. We didnt had much training as we came just one day before event started. On Saturday all the prelims were on the schedule. I was feeling quite week, I guess it was from the jet lag, but I did pretty solid rides and scored really high score which secured me a first place. Peter paddled good but he was a bit sad as he didn't have his boat. He left it in Canada and his new one wasn't ready yet. After prelims he sat at second position. Sunday was the day for all the finals. I got bit nervous and didn't focus that much for my ride. I went for hard moves but it didn't work and I placed second right after Zosia Tula. Peter did nice run but scored second as well. I was counting my points for euro cup ranking and I needed to be first in last, fourth euro cup in Poland to win overall Euro Cup. It was a big challenge as the last one was in Jelenia Gora which is Zosia's home spot and she paddle there really good. We got there one day before the event has started and paddled the hole twice. It was nice small hole but not that easy as it looks. You have to use all your strength to perform your moves and you have to be very quick. We took a part in Euro Cup and in Polish cup as well. So on Saturday we had to started in prelims twice. Peter even three times as he tried to compete C1 category. I was super happy about my rides and scored first place in both competitions. Usually I paddle better in prelim as in finals because I am more nervous when  it gets more serious. So before finals I am more nervous as I should be. This time I wasn't just about to win one event but it was about to take a gold medal as a overall winner of Eurocup or be a second. It was between me and Zosia. She did a pretty solid first ride and was leading. I had to scored more but I couldn't do it in my first and second ride. The third ride was "go big or go home" for me ...and I did it! I sticked all my hard moves and scored higher than Zosia. I was really happy to take my 7 th gold medal for overall winner in Eurocup in a row!

It was pretty successful weekend for us. I took two gold medals for winng Eurocup and overall winner and two silver medals for polish cup and polish overall. Peter got silver from Eurocup, gold from polish cup, gold from kayak cross and bronze from C1 Eurocup. Eight medals together in one weekend! Now we can go satisfied home and prepared ourselves for a next adventure.