Winter paddling.

We were really lucky because weather was nice this fall. It was sunny and warm just perfect for paddling. But as it is getting closer to winter we can fell that weather is changing and temperature is getting low. Few weeks ago we took out our dry suits and put the neoprene hat on. Water in rivers is cold but good warm underwear protects us from freezing. We were paddling at our white water course for last few weeks but it is closed from last Friday. Last weekend we went for opening ceremony to Graz. Local paddlers build a new hole on the side of the city. It is nice hole with constant flow all year. This is probably only kind of hole in Europe like this. When the weather is good during the winter we will train there. It is great option for us because we were didn't have any hole in winter here. I like winter but just for while. Skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing are great sports but kayaking is still my only love 😄
Now we start to paddle flat water and waiting for higher temperature so we can start our camper and go to Graz or Plattling to paddle and train for next European Championships.
Keep paddling.