My winter workout in Uganda.

The winter in Slovakia is really long because there is no more kayaking and mostly if the winter is weak than even boring because there is just mud around and no snow. As always in the middle of the winter you get the feeling that you need to leave somewhere for kayaking. This year I was trying to get some company and leave for some kayaking to Equator. Unfortunately none of my friends were keen to go due kids or work. I didn't want to stick whole winter at home so I decided from day to day to leave for some kayaking to Uganda again. Its a easy and cheap place with big water and hot weather. This time I decided to stay only 2 weeks for some great training. First day I arrived I went straight to the wave for 2 trainings. Its awesome that you don't have to care about anything. Only thing is kayaking. As soon as you weak up the bio breakfast like water melon, ananas and other fruits with home made breads and eggs are waiting for you on the table. Bio it is because everything is grown without any chemicals there just on the other island. As soon as you are ready to leave for the lap you can just change, jump into the boat and paddle 10 min upstream as a warmup. At the morning the level is low so the Club session is in the program. After you are done you just go for the lunch. After lunch short break in the chill out or a stretching is necessary. If the water level is up you can get ready for a second session on the Nile special wave until the sunset. The dinner is mostly at 8 - 9 or something like that and than I was mostly ready to go for some movie to the tenet and have some rest. What a great conditions. Unfortunately the government is planing another dam just below all this nice rapids. They say that the Hairy lemon island which is the camp we are staying will be 8 meters under the water. That means that all the rapids will be gone forever. So if you still wasn’t there and didn’t get this peace of heaven yet maybe its time to book your flight because after 30 months from now it will be gone. 
Now I am already at home enjoying some time with my little son Peter and waiting for next trip.
See you