Peter and I are preparing for upcoming European Championships in Freestyle kayaking which are going to be in the end of May. Most of the time we spend by paddling in holes, training our freestyle routine, improving our tricks and learning new moves or combinations. Plattling is a special hole so we spend a lot of time there. If we are not there we train in Slovakia- Bratislava or Austria- Graz. As the kayaking season has started we parked out our camper from garage and spend most of days in there. It is our second home and it makes traveling way more easier. Last week we took a break from freestyling and took our creek boats for ride. It was a very nice change and we enjoyed this time so much! First stop was in Swiss where we run few rivers. Verzasca valley was one of most beautiful valley I ever saw. River was so clean you could drink from it. We didnt stay only in Swiss but went to Piemont in Itally as well. My favorite river was Vall Sessia. Nice, clean, not vey difficult but fun. We had an amazing time with good friends on water and warm sunny weather as well. Our little son loved it as well specially when we were grilling meat at the evenings. We didn't only kayak but went for walks and were hiking a bit. It was so relaxing that we almost forgot that big event is ahead us. Now we are back in Plattling and our freestyle training continues. After two weeks of amazing weather the rainy season started. I don't like it that much but we need more water and it will help. So wish us luck the Europeans are coming!