Kayak Freestyle European Championship 2016

This year Europeans took a place in Plattling, Germany. Plattling is well known among paddlers for its consist and wide hole. In 2011 Plattling hosted World Championship. 
We use to go there more often as it is not that far from Slovakia.
Competition started at 26 of May. Paddlers were already coming few weeks before.
Water levels were low or medium for whole year and few days before it started float came. For while it looked like they have to cancel event but than water dropped and it could started.
Thursday morning started with K1 men followed by other categories.
Me and Peter advanced to next round. I did nice both rides and place second in prelims. Peter secured his place in quarterfinal from 7th place. Next day started with mens quarterfinal. Semifinals were on right after. I was still relaxed and moved to final from 3th place. Peter got to final from 4th place.
Saturday was big day. My final was on schedule at 2 pm and Peter's at 3 pm.
I stared to feel stress but on the other hand I was really looking forward to have it over.
My first ride was very nervous and I didn’t score much points. I tried to focus more for my second ride. I worked fine and I score more than 420 points. Which secured me a medal. I was trying to push more and get more points in my last third ride but I couldn’t do it. It was very close and there were only small differences in points between 1-4th place. All girls were paddling very good and level rise a lot. Claire O’Hara (GBR) won gold, Anne Hubner (GER). I am super happy for medal specially when I realize I was the only mother-paddler in semifinal or final and I got on podium, sweet!
Peter wanted defend his title from las Europeans but this time he couldn’t perform his best and end up on 5th place. He did very good ride but just missed last move which he did just second after time stopped. It costs him a medal. Guys were really strong and just to get to final was a great success for everyone. Quim Fontane (ESP) took first place, Tomasz Czaplicki (PL) second, Sebastian Devred (FRA) third and our team mate Matt Dumoulin (FRA) placed 4th. 
I am very proud of my family!  I am proud of my husband because he trained very hard to get his goal and even it didn’t go as he wished it didn’t break him as it used to before. He just moved forward and keeps paddling as always. I am proud of my son because he was super nice all the time as we trained. We lived almost whole spring in our camper and he didn’t mind. He played outdoor, best were rocks in river. I am proud of myself because I keep paddling even sometimes I felt so bad.
After this event we went back home for while. We had a great time spent with friends and family. We enjoyed every day no matter if it was sunny or rainy. If you do what you love and you can do it with your loved ones than you already win!
See you on water.