Lipno Devils Extreme Race

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Lipno area is well known amongst  paddlers from around whole world because of its white water. Water is released from dam and it is runable only by high flow which happens few times a year. Last week we and hundreds of other paddlers headed to Lipno Dam area. Water was released whole week but weekend was special as they put even more water out to river. Vltava’s section from Lipno dam is probably one of my most favorite whit water river section.The atmosphere there is amazing as well! I don’t like many people on the water at the same time but here it is somehow different. You know that water is there just for while and you want to enjoy it with friends. You do as many laps as possible and don’t have to worry about shuttle because take out is right next to train station. This week there is a special train which goes every half hour and can take kayakers with kayaks up tho the put in. People are nice and friendly. I never traveled by train with kayaks before :)
This time we came without our kid so we could paddle together at the same time. Wow! I almost forget how great it is to paddle with my husband. We did few runs on Friday. Saturday was competition day where both of us took a part. First we did sprint which was followed by head to head. Afternoon was on schedule DAM to DAM race. After all this rounds we were totally destroyed but full of emotions as well. Great event on very good river. Rapids are not difficult expect bloody hand rapid which is a bit tricky. I rather portaged it than risk my fingers or face. I saw there many small injuries that weekend. I enjoyed waves and holes sometimes drops and best rapid Window. Evening continued by party and music at the football playground. We even had super nice weather only Sunday morning was a bit rainy. Last day we did few laps and packed everything to car and drived back home. Now I am already looking forward for next year Devils Extreme Race. Nina