Polish kayak freestyle championships

 This weekend there was probably one of the last freestyle event for us. Summer just end so the freestyle season. I never was paddling in Cracow so this was a great opportunity for it. We came two days in advance to get use to this specific hole. I can say it is quite difficult and very powerful to paddle. It took me few trainings to find best way how to throw the moves. It wasn't difficult only for women but for mens as well. After four training sessions my body was totally sore. 

Our polish friend Bartosz and his family invited us for dinner on Thursday. This is one part of this sport what I really like- meeting nice people and making good friends all around world. Big thanks for Bartosz mom who did a perfect dinner. We had really nice international evening.

Competition started and finished on Saturday. Morning starts with prelims of each category. I had two good constant runs and advanced to final from first place. Afternoon started all finals. My first two rides wasn't good enough so I really tried to focus for my last final ride. I did few good high scored moves but I couldn't get enough points to get first. Sometimes it just doesn't go as you wish but that's sport. At the end I scored second right after Zosia Tula who had really good rides. Third was a junior girl Agata. Peter had really good first ride and finished on third position. I was a bit surprised but well freestyle is one very subjective sport. It is not easy to judge and even judges are trying to do their best there is still somebody who is not satisfied. Bartosz Czauderna got second and Tomasz Czaplicki won this event. 

After this last hole event of this season for us it is time to make the plan for next season. Now I know what is my week part and I will work on it. I am happy to have new motivation for next season. There is nothing better as have a good concurrent to compete with for your improvement. 

There is going to be one more big event this year - World Cup but we are not going to take a part in it. After some problems with organizations and lack of informations it would be a last minute event for us. I was looking forward for it but never mind we have still many adventures ahead of us this fall/winter which I am really looking forward so stay tuned and I will write you about it.

See you on the river.