Trnavka x-race

Our first event of this year was Trnavka Xrace in Czech Republic. Trnavka is an artificial white water course known as most difficult one in Europe and it's quite long as well. This weekend we left our son with grandma at home so we had a bit of time just for ourselves and could paddle together. We arrived on Friday and went for evening session. It was my first time here and I was really surprised how good and funny it was. Many drops, eddies, fast lines and at the end of the course was one big drop falling into pool with many whirlpools and bubbles. 
On Saturday it has started with sprint and continued by fun slalom. I was happy with my rides and didn't miss any gate. Peter had pretty good ride as well. After first day he placed on 9th place from 93 guys, I was sitting on 3th position. Kayak cross take a part on Sunday. Four kayakers started from high ramp. There were four banners to touch and last one at the end of course right after big adrop. I won first heat but in our final heat I did mistake and missed last banner to touch and finished 4th overall. Peter won almost each of his heats and in final heat he took brondze so he beats most of the slalom and creek paddlers. Our first event went well, now we are off to Pilsen to take a part in our first freestyle competition this year. I hope it will be successful as well.