Final EuroCup in Prague

Pragues is well know not just because of its beautiful city but for its good and successful slalom kayak paddlers as well. They have pretty good base at Troja in Prague. Troja whitewater center is situated just behind the corner of the Zoo-biggest one in Europe. Troja slalom course is medium difficulty artificial channel. Mostly all year around you can see there slalom paddlers or rafters from all over the world. Unfortunately they have just few freestyle kayakers despite the conditions are very good. In the second half of the course you can find hole which perfectly suites to freestyle kayaking. Constant hole with two shoulders deep enough in the middle. Local paddlers use to organize freestyle event every year and they do it pretty well. Despite small numbers of Czech paddlers we could see kayakers from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Poland or Sweeden. Everybody paddled pretty well and I can say the level of freestyle skills rise a lot last year. I am super happy for my husband, Peter Csonka who won every start and at the end took gold medal. Men's final was a one big show and he proved he deserve this victory. I was qualified from second position but at the end I finished third. I didn't have a good day and my back suffered a big pain once again. Girls paddled pretty well and pushed the limits a lot. It motivates me to get better and work harder for next events. But first of all I need to start to work a bit on my regeneration because this season I really underestimate it. Now my body suffers and I need to take a unwanted break. It's not a good timing because there are two big events ahead of me but well the health is only one!

So see you at sickline!