Argentina training before the Worlds

This season is longer than others because of the late World Championships, which take a place in Argentina from end of November until the beginning of December.

The small city San Juan hosted the World Cup in 2016 and now the World Championships will take place here.

We traveled to San Juan four weeks in advance so we had time to train and get used to the water before the event starts.

It took 36 hours to get there but we are finally here and enjoy the summer again. The playspot is surrounded by desert and the scenery is so beautiful. People are very friendly and nice. Our daily routine looks like: training, eating, training and sleeping. But we don't forget about rest as well. Despite being surrounded by desert you can find a huge lake here, where you can swim or do other water sports as well. Trainings go well and I think we are already prepared for big Worlds. We have still two weeks to go and we can improve some details. Meanwhile more and more paddlers are arriving. I am happy to meet all this great friends, which I haven't seen for a long time and I even found a new friend. 

Wish us luck and cross your fingers for us for the World Championships!