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After a month in Slovakia I already had a strong feeling that I had to go kayaking somewhere. The best option was to go for Galicia in Spain. I didn't take much to convince any of my friends to come long. We jumped into the van and hit the road. It was like 20 hours to France until our first stop. Millau is usually little warmer than Slovakia. Bu this year the cold weather hit the whole of Europe. Getting ready for kayaking in the morning with frozen boats and gear was not easy. Than you have to convince yourself to paddle. But we had traveled so long, so we had to go. We spent 2 days in the course and moved further south into Spain. We were hurting so much from traveling already, but when we arrived to Galicia and the mighty wave was just there, we got so excited that we forgot all the pain and went boating. The wave is just great. The only difficulty ist that you have to walk over slippery rocks up to the eddy for the next run. I was really happy to have my shoes with stealth rubber, because there is nothing better when you have excellent grip for jumping from rock to rock with your kayak on the shoulder and a paddle in the arm. After few hours I was really exhausted. I was just happy to lie down and almost forgot to eat. Next day we spent the whole day just surfing and it was incredible. We were enjoying one of the best waves in Europe eventhough it was just 5 degrees and raining. After 2 days of surfing we also went for some creeks. There was not enough water so we did some nice class 4-5 runs with awesome scenery. Our last river before we had to go home was classified as 5 with many portages. Most of the time it's not as dramatic as it's written in the guides. Here, this was all true. There were some nice little drops and lots of siphons where was no way to go. We had to take to the land and portage omething like 8 times. Anyway, we were super happy to paddle again. What's better than setting with some friends for an outdoor adventure ? :)

Now the season is officially started and I can't wait for the next adventure.

See you