Slovak championship - info.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 15 '08 / 5 Comments

Next days we are leaving to the European championship. Next event after that is Slovavakian Championship – it is at 9-10.8.2008 , just one week before the first of worldcup ( Prague ) in freestyle kayaking. The Slovak championships will be situated in Cunovo white water course. The distance between Prague and Cunovo is about 350km. Of course everyone is invited. To see how the playspot is looking like or the picture below. There is no poster yet , it will be like on every other competition : Saturday – qualifications , semifinals in freestyle , funslalom ; Sunday –…

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Summer sessions - movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 14 '08 / 5 Comments

Place - Lienz ( paper boats ) , Augsburg , CunovoKayakers - Nina Halasova , Peter CsonkaCamera : Nina Halasova , Peter Csonka

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Wave Sport FUSE - Category > RIVER PLAY <

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 13 '08 / 5 Comments

The article was taken from and written by Ingrid SchlottThe full fleet from size 35, 48, 56 and 64 (gallons) was on test tour in Osttirol on the river Drau and Isel. The playspot on the Drau and play run on the Isel were the perfect testing territory for the FUSE. Stay tuned for Wavesport demo days in July, August and September 2008! Deb Pinniger wins Lienz Dolomitenrodeo in FUSE 48 Deb just travels with clients thru the eastern Alps instructing kayaking.On their rest day in Lienz she registered for the event and took first place paddling the FUSE…

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3th Austrian Cup in Lienz

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 7 '08 / 5 Comments

In Lienz on the first Saturday of July took place the last of three Austrian cups. Me, Peter, our puppy Puko and our good friends, Vlado and Jano, left Bratislava very late. For us it is about 520km, so we came there at 1 am on Saturday. In the morning we went to train a little bit before the competition starts. Lienz is really nice small town, with good sports conditions. In winter you have many ski centers around. Also in the spring, summer or fall it is heaven for sports fans. We, kayakers, have a many options for kayaking. You…

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Second Graz freestyle competition

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 3 '08 / 5 Comments

Last weekend was the second freestyle competition in Graz. It was a really nice organized event like every time. Whole event was in one day , and they had also ,,pappboot’’ competition between the rodeo. It was a cool show and many people was watching it. At the morning was the qualification of each class , Nina was doing great and had lot of points , ended on the place one. On the second place was Ingrid Schlott and on the third place was Gudrun Lehner. In men category was the top 3 me , Simon Strohmeier and Daniel Herzig. Than…

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Frieira wave movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 26 '08 / 5 Comments

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(Un)Lucky trip to Spain

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 24 '08 / 5 Comments

When I was booking flight tickets to Spain I hoped for good water level. We wanted to train In Ourense for European Championships which will be held there in end of July. We spent there 9 days. Because of cheaper tickets we flew to Portugal to Lisbon, which is 520km from Ourense. In that time were in Lisbon oil strike so our plain needed stop in Barcelona to tank. Because of it we were one hour late and we had to pay 30euro more for rental car. So our trip started quite unlucky. Then when I saw our rented car, I…

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Freestyle kayak Graz competition 2008

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 2 '08 / 5 Comments

Like every year, also this year was held in Graz Austrian championships in last weekend in May. Now it is a tradition for us to go there because this is one of the best competition in year. It is friendly event held just in Saturday. Usually about 50 people is competing, but every year there come more and more people. We came at Friday from Augsburg to train a bit but actually we were there last week when Peter had freestyle clinics there so we know that spot well. Friday we train just a while to improve some details because we…

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Kuchl & Plattling - movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 1 '08 / 5 Comments

Hi, I know it is little late but , we didn't had so much time for playing with movies. But now its ready.Enjoy it>>>Paddlers: Peter Csonka , Nina Halasova , Jan Spindler , Zdenek Spindler , Michi Strommer , ...Location : Plattling , Kuchl

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Freestyle clinics in Graz

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 29 '08 / 5 Comments

Last weekend we spend in Graz. At Friday I had there freestyle clinics with some nice guys from the local kayak club. The level was perfect for the wave and they should stay until this week competition. Because of this we spend lot of time to preparing how to compete. Michi and others was doing really good , it is perfect if you can see after the paddling the rides in television. We spend almost hole day in the water with perfect weather. Next day was a free day because it was a working day and not everyone had time to…

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Teva extreme race

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 22 '08 / 5 Comments

After the Bitches we went for one day to Augsburg to train on the local spot calls ‘’Waschmashine’’. This spot is amazing hard hole to train. From the edge it is looking like a nice hole , but if you are inside it’s a really strong. I think all hole tricks are possible but it is not easy. The worldcup will be here soon , than we was practicing there little bit. After Augsburg we went to Italy for the Teva extreme race. Thursday we had some trainings rides and then at Friday was the competition on Egua river ( team…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / May 19 '08 / 5 Comments

Last 3 weeks we were on the little tour true Europe. We spend the time in Bitches (UK), Piemont (ITA), Augsburg (GER), and Plattling (GER). I would like to start with the Bitches. Deb Piniger and Olaf Obsomer came with an idea to spend a week at the famous wave Bitches in Wales area. They put the trip together and took the players (freestyle kayakers all sponsored from Adidas) with them. We had borrowed 2 RV vehicles , in the first one was Olaf (camera ) , Manuel ( photo ) , Markus ( kayaker ) , Florian ( kayaker )…

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9th Hungarian open championship

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 29 '08 / 5 Comments

This year we reserved date of 26-27.4 for Hungarian freestyle event. Last year we didn’t attend it because it was in the same time when Peter was fighting for medal on World Championships. From 2 and 3 years ago we remembered this event like the best one in whole season so we were really excited to go there. Me, Peter and our good friend Vlado alias Capko we got off from Bratislava Thursday evening to get through Budapest in late hours because of traffic jams. We arrived to Miskolc, where event was held at midnight. Friday morning got up when someone…

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Plattling - German championships 2008

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 21 '08 / 5 Comments

This weekend, 19-20.4 had Germans qualifications for European championships and also open championships in Plattling. My and Peter, were very excited to go there because in Plattling is always good and friendly atmosphere. We came there in Thursday to have a little training before it came bussy. Friday morning it was full of cars and tents and people were still coming. We met there many friends from Germany and Czech Republic. We also met there with Markus Hummel. Saturday morning we woke up to rainy day. It started with qualifications and then semifinals. My and Peter we were doing also judges…

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Kayak coaching on Kuchl wave

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 3 '08 / 5 Comments

The weather is again better, it is more sunny, the temperatures are still not the same as in Africa, but if you are so addict as us than you have the same filling which is pushing you too to the water. This weekend we spend in Kuchl on the best wave in our territory. The water level wasn’t that good but the thing why we was there was because I was coaching the Austrian kayak team. Couple of weeks ago Michael Stromer send me an email that he is organizing a training for them and if I would like to be…

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Sasa and her winter session movie

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 2 '08 / 5 Comments

This movie made our friend , she is kayaking with us mostly on our white water course and she made a nice movie clip from her snowboard if you watch it you maybe will help to winn her a snowboard adventure to IslandCheck it outSnowboarder : Sasa CisarovaSee you

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Uganda White Nile 2008 - the movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 25 '08 / 5 Comments

Finally I had time to edit a movie clip from Africa.>>>>paddlers: Nina Halasova , Peter Csonka , Matej Fabianek , Ben Marr , Brian Kirk , Max Davidson , Dylan Davidson , Dave Nieuwenhuis , Kelsey Thompson , Mariann Seather , Tyler Curtys , Logan Grayling and : Peter Csonka , Nina Halasova , Matej Fabianekediting: Peter CsonkaI hope you enjoy the movie.

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Eastern paddling on the Plattling wave

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 24 '08 / 5 Comments

It was a hard decision to go to train at the eastern. Every were was snowing and freezing cold , max temperatures was about 3 degrees sometimes freezing. We met there Honza Spindler , Lukas Cervinka and also with Honzas dad. Nina and me It was nice water level , but really cold. Nina and me we had really cool drysuits from Palm and after 2 hour paddling we still was dry , awesome!!! It was difficult to kayak when you wearing so much stuff on you now , we just came back from Africa where we kayak the waves and…

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Uganda 2008

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 20 '08 / 5 Comments

Two months spent in Uganda were awesome holidays. Sun, waves any stress… great rest for us! Ok but just mental rest because we trained almost every day two time a day on Nile special. When we arrived water level was really high, higher than last year. Because of it Nile special was running whole day. First day when we arrived to camp Hairy lemon was a big birthday party of one Canadian girl and everyone had to wear like bitches or bullys. Really funny to see guys in females underwear like strings… But we was very tired from flight, transport and…

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Adidas web page

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 16 '08 / 5 Comments

Adidas company put us to the Original web page Check it out at the sportler section adidas teamSee you. Peter & Nina

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