ECA Euro cup - Cunovo movie clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 15 '13 / 5 Comments

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Adidas Sickline

Posted by Peter Csonka / Oct 14 '13 / 5 Comments

This year we went again for the biggest creek boating race of the year, adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship. Every year it's a great competition to be. Me and Nina had a pretty full freestyle session, so we didn't really train anything else. We were sitting in a creek boat only two times and only in the white water course. So we definitely didn't have any expectations for the finals. The week in Oetz was brilliant, we did kayak on the race course, bike down the hills and kayak some of the river sections, met all our good friends and…

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Nautical channel with us at the EC Cunovo

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 27 '13 / 5 Comments

This year at Euro cup in Cunovo we will have Nautical channel as media partner doing interviews with us during the event. Check out the page NAUTICAL CHANNEL for more!

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 11 '13 / 5 Comments

This year was really stressful. I started the year being sick and when I finally got back to the shape, I broke my pecs muscle. It took me a while to be able to kayak after that injury and it didn't look really good for me for this season. The doctors said, I won´t be able to compete, or win the World Championships, which made me really sad! Nevertheless I promised myself to be in the best shape as possible, what ever it costs. Slowly with lots of pain I started to train again. I was focused to get back to…

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Kayak freestyle World Championships 2013 update

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 10 '13 / 5 Comments

It is already two week since we got here to NOC. We were here last year for World Cup so we know this area well. We arrived to Atlanta and drove to Nantahala.  Nantahala gorge is nice area surrounded by great Smoky Mountains. It is quite in the middle of nowhere. We started to train as soon as we got here. We had to take the advantage of not manny people being here already so the lines in the eddy were shorter. As the days passed more and more paddles has arrived. We trained twice a day but now we slowed…

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Second Eurocup in Prague and Festival Divoka voda in Cunovo

Posted by Peter Csonka / Sep 10 '13 / 5 Comments

From our training in Nottingham we went straight to Prague to have some training before the second Euro cup. We stopped on our way in Belgium at the see, to have some fun in the waves with our dog Puko. He really loved to jump into the waves and play. I was also trying to teach him how to swim-surf the wave on the way to the sure. After many hours we arrived to Prague to the national white water stadium. We could train only in some hours written on the schedule board, because all the slalom kayakers are really stressed…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 29 '13 / 5 Comments

Our peak of the season, World Championships in USA, is coming and we want to prepare ourselves as good as we can. It is hard to keep motivated if you stay at one place, that’s why we travel as much as we can. This summer we have a busy schedule and spend only one short week at home. But that is what I like most about kayaking!After a successful competition in Wildalpen and great two days in Friedrichshafen at outdoorshow we headed to Nottingham. We have been there in 2006 at the European Championships. I was just a beginner that…

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Helliwelli freestyle event

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 9 '13 / 5 Comments

Hi all. After some weeks doing some biking and training we went to my first competition this year. This time we went for the Salza - Austrian championship at Helliwelli. Helli made the wave him self for the kayakers to train and of course for this one day in year, the championship. We have been at Salza few times this year but I couldn't train yet.The hole is really great! Its probably possible to do everything there and it also feels strong.At saturday was the day with big "D". Nina and me we also have been judging the competition…

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Salza combo moves

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 7 '13 / 5 Comments

Short video from the combo moves training before the competition.see you

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Lienz freestyle kayak competition

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 11 '13 / 5 Comments

This weekend was open Austrian championships in Lienz. Week before a big fload came to Slovakia so we couldnt paddle for few days. I was really looking forward as this event is every time very good. We came to Lienz Thursday night. Friday we woke up to sunny day. It was first sunny day after long time. After first kayak session we went biking a bit and than we had second session. The hole in Lienz has changed a lot. It is completly different hole from the hole what used to be there. It is something like a wave-hole pretty funny…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 5 '13 / 5 Comments

Hi.At the moment we have flood here in Slovakia so the white water course is closed and we don't have any place to paddle. Of course we did paddle the Danube river by flood. Me and Marcel we went to Vienna because there were some rumours about some flood waves over there. Unfortunately only spot we did find by kayaking 20km down the river at 10000 cms river was flooded already, so there left some small waves which were not possible to surf. However we did not find any spot to surf, but we still had lot of adrenalin from…

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Czech championship in Pilsen.

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 23 '13 / 5 Comments

This weekend we headed west to Czech industrial city Pilsen. Local kayakers has build a artificial playspot at the old Mill. It is quite unique construction with very specific hole.Pilsen is not that far from German border so few Germans, one Austrian and even one British paddler, took part in this small “local” event. As I have mention Pilsen’s  playspot  is very specific. It is powerful and tricky. You can paddle 30 minutes and you are dead for rest of the day :)It was very good opportunity to train in different hole however it was quite frustrating sometimes.Saturday…

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Eurocup Plattling

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 20 '13 / 5 Comments

The competition season started with Euro Cup in Plattling, it was the German Championship and German team trials for Worlds as well. Paddlers form 11 countries came to fight for medal. Peter still can not paddle so he changed the role for while and took a part as a head judge.The weather in Plattling was crazy! One day it was hot and sun was shining and next day it was raining and mud was every where. You could see many paddlers to come few days in advance to get use this specific Plattling playspot. The water level was still rising…

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Short pause in my season

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 25 '13 / 5 Comments

It was a longer time we did any update. We wasn't competing on any competition but there are definitely some news going on.So last few months we have been preparing our selfs for the upcoming season. We have been paddling twice day , Nina because of school sometimes little less, but we did push a lot. We have been biking a lot mostly not long distances but 45min to the course with my dog on the shoulders and than after training we went back home. I felt in really good shape! Unfortunately last week just when the wetter decided to…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 22 '13 / 5 Comments

Interview with freestyle/wildwater couple Peter and Nina from SlovakiaThis is the first interview in a series of couples interviews where we catch up with famous sports couples in the wonderful world of paddlesports. The first couple we would like you to introduce to is Peter 'Peto' Csonka and Nina Csonkova (formerly known as Nina Halasova before they got married).  Sportscene was curious to learn how Peto & Nina make it work 'on the road' and of course on the water... Read more here.

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100% Gopro from Millau

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 15 '13 / 5 Comments

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Spring training in France

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 7 '13 / 5 Comments

So the winter is over for us. We traveled already for the first training camp to France. The plan was to go even more south but unfortunately its too rainy and the Spain Friera wave is just gone because of high levels. So we decided to stay in Millau and train in the hole. Fortunately its not that cold as the forecast says but except kayaking we have to stay closed in car or we just go shopping because its raining or too windy and cold to stay outside. Anyway the spot is very good for the training for the World…

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Snowy winter

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 18 '13 / 5 Comments

This time it's not like our typical updates from some exotic country. Usually we spend our cold European winters in hot sunny Africa but not so this year. Because the World Championship will take place in September we decided to stay home for the winter. We just extended the 2012 season and we did paddle till the end of December. Then we went home for the winter endurance training. However, you probably know that we had serious health problems, but fortunately now we are in a good condition again and maybe in best we have ever been! I think because the…

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Voltaic systems with us in Uganda

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 13 '13 / 5 Comments

This year we spent a bit more as a moth in Uganda. I like that place, its like a paradise. Jungle, wilderness, white water, what more do I need? We went there already several times and every time we had big problems with charging our devices. The only way is the solar solution. This year we went there with our own solar system from Voltaic solar system which we got supported with. I newer tried any portable lightweight systems by myself. We got the "Spark Tablet Case" where we can charge all the tablets phones and other devices which…

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Uganda 2012 team Vajda in action

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 16 '13 / 5 Comments

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