From Payette games to the World cup

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jul 10 '14 / 5 Comments

The Payette games in Idaho were really great trip. I went there only for short time, but I really enjoyed my staying. The location, wave and town looks so great. The hole over there is incredible, on one side is a big hole and on the other side is a wave so you can pretty much do all the moves on the list, you just have to build your ride properly. The competition didn't went well for me even I felt really good in the training. The first run was all right but I was feeling really slow and tired and…

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Pgr video

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 29 '14 / 5 Comments

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PRG 2014 #1

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jun 20 '14 / 5 Comments

The last few weeks have been awesome. There are lots of new things and challenges in my life. Paddling every day, getting ready for the season, and meeting all our friends while paddling. We went to Plattling for a nice change to our home spot and to take the part in the Plattling festival. It wasn't a competition, rather something like a kayaking party. Everybody was paddling, playing games in the water and surfing. What a nice weekend!   Than I had one more week to organize all the things before our little baby arrived to join our lives. It was…

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Posted by Peter Csonka / May 29 '14 / 5 Comments

We already started our season few months ago. It was cold and chilly but we were happy to paddle. Finally the weather is nice. It seems like there is no spring but suddenly the summer is coming. Our whitewater course is running pretty well so we spend lot of time training there, beside this we travel a lot and paddle in Europe. In my last month of my pregnancy I am only couching Peter from the river side because I cannot paddle anymore. I am little bit sad because specially in this warm weather it is pleasure to be on the…

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K4 powergel veľká dávka energie

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 11 '14 / 5 Comments

Asi pred týždňom sme sa vrátili zo sústredenia vo Francúzsku, kde sme sa pripravovali na Svetový pohár v kajak freestyle. Každodenný tréning dva krát denne po niekoľko hodín je veľmi únavný a udržať jeho kvalitu nie je jednoduché. Každá figúra musí byť prevedená čo najlepšie a preto pri každom tréningu musím ísť do maxima, čo je veľmi energeticky náročné. Dôležitá je preto pre mňa správna doplnková výživa. Už v minulosti som skúšal veľa rôznych energetických nápojov, či gélov. Tentokrát som mal so sebou prichystané K4 gély od Kompavy a musím povedať, že som bol veľmi prekvapený ako dobre fungujú. Veľa gélov…

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Cunovo freestyle training videos

Posted by Peter Csonka / May 4 '14 / 5 Comments

Hi, here are some videos from today's training. We had a bit windy weather, but it was awesome to kayak with friends and working on my new ride.  I like to change my current standart and change the whole drill to something new. I mean not every spot is the same of course, but in each spot you can try to go big if not you can go home :) Our spot in Cunovo is rebuild and its really cool now and its possible to work on the combinations. I love to train there its one of the best spots in…

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Millau video clip

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 30 '14 / 5 Comments

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Millau training

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 30 '14 / 5 Comments

Hi all, The season started with pretty low levels around here which means not many options to go kayaking except the whitewater course at home where are stabile levels. The problem was that the main hole where we use to train was not working due the constructions there. I decided to train on slalom kayak for morning training and in afternoon training in the hole. The other hole is super difficult and very hard. After every session I felt so broken. On the other hand I follow the proverb hard on the training ground easy in the battle. To change the…

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My active pregnancy.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Apr 1 '14 / 5 Comments

Is it possible to be a professional athlete and mother to be at the same time?  I think so! If you do not have any health problems and you are feeling all right than why not?  I am 7 months pregnant now and my daily routine did not change much. I always admired women who stayed active during and after their pregnancy. I heard about many successful sportswomen who could combine their motherhood and their sport carrier together. I always hoped that it will be my case as well.  During my first trimester I did everything as before. I was kayaking,…

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The interview in MAMA magazin

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 30 '14 / 5 Comments

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Break Magazin article

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 17 '14 / 5 Comments

Thanks for the article in the Break magazin!

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Kuchl - my first freestyle training in this year

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 10 '14 / 5 Comments

The season for me started just now, when the hot weather came to Europe. After many hours in gym and other trainings it was time to go for some kayaking at least over the weekend. Kuchl in Austria was the place to be. Our white water course is not running yet, so we decided to go for the wave in Kuchl. This wave was really great few years ago, but than unfortunately after some foods changed and also disappeared. Last autumn the upper wave came in again so we went to try it also now in spring time. The wave is…

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Novy Cas magazin article

Posted by Peter Csonka / Mar 5 '14 / 5 Comments

We are happy that we could make an article about our trip to Costa Rica for the Slovakian newspaper Novy Cas! Here is the article.

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Costa Rica GoPro trailer

Posted by Peter Csonka / Feb 17 '14 / 5 Comments

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TV JOJ správy o 12. 29.1.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 29 '14 / 5 Comments

Thanks a lot to TV JOJ - for the news they made with us after our trip in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica pictures album

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 27 '14 / 5 Comments

Hi , I picked up my favourite pictures from our trip in Costa Rica, so if you are interested check it out. The photographers are : Matej Boda, Ondrej Krivanek

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TVR sport news

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 22 '14 / 5 Comments

Thanks for the nice news in TVR ! Looking forward into new season!

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Chaga the story

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 21 '14 / 5 Comments

Hey , so we did finish the movie about Chaga, unfortunatelly we had to change the end of the movie because of his accident.  This is how we felt about the story and we tryed to show it in the movie. In the memory of Chaga Beliny.    Slovenska verzia   Názov filmu  Chagga the story minutaz 36:00 Režisér   Peter Csonka Miesto natočenia  Uganda Biely Nil Rok vydania  2013 Doterajšie ocenenia: 1.miesto Hory zonty - Trencin   Krátka synopsa o filme (bude k dispozícii na webovej stránke festivalu) Dokumentárny film o kajakovaní na Bielom Níle. Je to príbeh ugandského kajakára…

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My awesome g'power paddle.

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 18 '14 / 5 Comments

This winter we decided to spent some time in warm Costa Rica by paddling the rivers, little bit of freestyling and surfing the ocean. I took my adjustable g'power paddle with Qnect system with me. It was a perfect choice! I got this paddle just few days before our leave so I didn't paddle it before but I can say after month of paddling I really love it! It is the same as I use for freestyle - Harpoon but it is two pieces paddle so you can adjust the angle and length and it is easier to travel with. I…

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Costa Rica update #3

Posted by Peter Csonka / Jan 13 '14 / 5 Comments

Hey guys, to follow up for Nina’s article I will start with the Chirripo Atlantico. This river is probably the best river in Costa Rica! The trip started at 5 am. We packed the cars and left to the Mountain called Chirripo in the Chirripo National Park and Indian reservation. The way to the river was already exhausting. I was driving 3 hours on the extreme difficult off road and I was thinking it couldn’t be worst. Well it was! We had two 4x4 cars and the second car stacked in first huge muddy uphill. So we had to unpack it,…

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